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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the website operated by Sumico Lubricant Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), personal information shall be handled according to the following guidelines.

Purpose of Use

We will collect and use our customers’ personal information for the following purposes.

  • For response to inquiries, sending information, after-sales service, etc.
  • For identity confirmation regarding requests for information materials on our products.
  • For use in the event of a problem / trouble in downloading.
  • For giving information on advertising of our products, etc.
  • For research and analysis of inquired data.
  • For communications with persons concerned with recruiting activities.
  • For the other reasons necessary to properly and smoothly provide service to customers.

Supply to a Third Party

We shall not provide our customers’ personal information to a third party except for the following cases.

  • When the customer’s approval has been obtained.
  • When work is entrusted to a printing company, etc., for sending information and pamphlets in a campaign, etc.
  • When work is entrusted to a delivery company, etc., to ship products / documents.
  • In the case based on provisions in law, etc. or other cases when supply of personal information to a third party is approved according to the Personal Information Protection Law.

Management of Personal Information

We shall implement appropriate safety control measures to prevent leakage, loss, misuse, and alteration of personal information that is under our control.? Also, when we entrust handling of our customers’ personal information to a third party, we shall supervise the party with responsibility.

Access Log

Information on customers’ IP addresses, accessed pages, user environment, etc. will be automatically received and recorded on a server in the form of an access log.? This information normally does not include data that can identify individuals.? Such an access log is used for website maintenance and statistical analysis regarding use state, and not used for other purposes.

Change of Contents

For further protection of customers’ personal information, or accompanying establishment, change, etc., of a law, privacy policy and its management may be changed.? Such a change shall be effective when it is displayed online.

Disclosure, Modification and Deletion of Personal Information

When you want to disclose, modify, and delete your personal information, contact the following. The Company will response to your request as soon as possible.
However, we can disclose, modify, or delete only information we have collected and currently posses.? Also, we may not be able to respond to your request for disclosure, etc., when identity cannot be confirmed, for which your understanding is requested in advance.

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