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An ingredient capable of converting base oil to semi-solid grease. The thickener can disperse itself within base oil in the form of fine particles to form stable a three dimensional structure, eventually changing the base oil to a semi-solid substance. Thickeners are basically materials classified into metal soap or non-soap types, which subsequently affect heat resistance, water resistance, shear stability and various other kinds of performance.


【Characteristics of typical thickener】 ◎=Superior ◯=Normal △=Poor

Classification Thickener Drop Point Heat Resistance Water Stability Shear Stability
Metal Soap Calcium soap 90℃
Lithium Soap 200℃
Lithium Complex Soap 300℃
Calcium Complex Soap 250℃
Aluminum Complex Soap 260℃
Non-Soap Urea 200~300℃
Bentone -
Inorganic Compound -