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【Industrial】Zinc Powder Corrosion Resistant Paint

Zinc Powder Corrosion Resistant Paint

Quick dry type zinc paint spray

Repair of galvanization for ships, steel constructions, etc.

Product Image Product Name NET, Packing Unit,
and Code
Zinc Rate Coating Area
(Single Coat)
Average Thickness
(Single Coat)
Set to Touch Anti-Rust※1 Coating Appearance (Approximate Guide)※2 Description
SB Zinc
Gray Caot-K
(Code : 531437)
86% 1.9m2 20~40μm 10~20min 1000H A zinc paint spray using zinc powder and epoxy resin.
Forms excellent coating with adhesion and flexibility, and provides corrosion resistance equal to galvanization, thanks to the foundation electric corrosion resistance provided by the zinc powder.
SB Zinc
Gray Caot-J
(Code : 531438)
78% 0.8m2 30μm 15~30min 2000H High-performance type of the above product. Glossy using high-quality zinc powder.

※1 Salt spray test: Performed with effective thickness of 80μ m, conforming to JIS K 5600 7-1.
※2 Differs from the actual coating, and does not guarantee the appearance. Only intended as an approximate guide for the relative color system or depth of each product.