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High performance fluid which meets the requirements for AT/CVT

【Information】Closed saled with march 31, 2015.

Product Image/
Container Size
Product Name NET, Packing Unit, Code Description
ATF CVTF-α WIDE 3-D ●1L×20(Code : 792400)
●4L×6(Code : 792401)
●20L(Code : 792402)
●200L(Code : 792403)
ATF CVTF-α is superior in oxidation stability, resistant to heat and temperature change, and has stable frictional properties. In addition, it prevents foaming, which causes power transmission to become inefficient, and reduces vibration at low speed (durability of judder prevention). Therefore, ATF CVTF-α can be recommended for your AT/CVT cars. Also, it can be used as power-steering fluid (for Japanese cars).

■High performance and suitable for various cars.
 Also suitable for unifying fluid or reserve fluid for regular maintenance

As the structure of AT/CVT becomes more complicated and the usage period of cars becomes longer, ATF/CVTF is exposed to tougher conditions. ATF CVTF-α WIDE 3-D have stable frictional properties and superior in oxidation stability. In addition, they are superior in durability of judder prevention required for a slip lock-up system. ATF CVTF-α WIDE 3-D can be used for various cars, so they are suitable as a unifying fluid or reserve fluid for regular maintenance.

■ATF CVTF-α : Applicable types of fluid


Auto Fluid TYPE T/T-Ⅲ/T-Ⅳ MITSUBISHI DiaQeen ATF SP/SP-Ⅱ M SUZUKI Suzuki ATF 3314/3317
Auto Fluid D-Ⅱ/Ⅲ DiaQeen ATF SP-Ⅱ/Ⅲ Suzuki CVT Oil
Auto Fluid WS DiaQeen ATF-Ⅱ/SK Suzuki S-CVT
CVT Fluid TC DiaQeen ATF J-2 Suzuki CVT Fluid 3320
NISSAN Matic Fluid C/D/J/S DiaQeen ATF AW Suzuki CVT Fluid Green 1
N-CVT Fluid CVT Fluid J1 Suzuki Gear Oil(75W-90) ×
CVT Fluid NS-1/2 DiaQeen SSTF-1 × DAIHATSU Ammix ATF D-Ⅲ Multi
CVT Fluid KTF-1 × SUBARU Subaru ATF Ammix ATF D3 SP
Mission Oil R35 Special × Subaru E-CVT Fluid Ammix CVT Fluid
HONDA Ultra ATF Ⅱ/Z-1 Subaru i-CVT Fluid Ammix CVT Fluid DC
Ultra HMMF Subaru i-CVT Fluid FG Ammix TM Gear Oil(75W-80) ×
Ultra DW-1 × OPEL Genuine Fluid × ISUZU BESCO ATF-Ⅱ/Ⅲ
MAZDA Mazda ATF D-Ⅱ/F-1 Subaru CVT Fluid for lineartronic × HINO BLUE RIBBON ATF
JWS 3317 Suzuki AT Oil Special      
Mobil CVTF 3320 Suzuki ATF 5D06/2384K      

Usable=○ Not Suitable=×

Notes : The recommended replacement interval for ATF/CVTF should be every two years or 20,000 km or less.