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Corrosion Inhibitor/Protective Agent

Corrosion Inhibitor/Protective Agent for vehicle components, etc.

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Container Size
Product Name NET, Packing Unit, Code Time taken for finger touch dryness Paintable Area Description
PRO 131
Chassis Black
(Code : 781036)
6 min 1m2 A spray used to paint the chassis under the floor of vehicles. It shows excellent drying, adequate film hardness and superior adhesion and can withstand long term service.
PRO 171
Chassis Black
(Code : 781236)
30 min 1.1m2 A spray used to paint the chassis under the floor of vehicles, highly safe and water soluble.
PRO 192
Chassis Black
(Code : 781474)
15 min 18~20m2/kg Liquid type of PRO 171.
PRO 194
Chassis Clear
(Code : 782574)
5 min 8~10m2/kg Chassis coating for lower parts of vehicles. (Transparent)
Highly safe water‐soluble type.
PRO 161
Under Coat Black
(Code : 781536)
32 min 0.4m2 Protective agent to prevent corrosion, vibration, and noise for lower parts of vehicles. A thick film is formed to protect the lower parts of vehicles from damage from things such as stone chips. Used to prevent corrosion of the chassis, fender, floor, back of the bonnet, inside of the door, body sides, inside of the ceiling, etc.
Good One
(Code : 730439)
- 1.5~2.0m2 A paint spray for rust prevention, which forms a thick and soft film on metal surfaces, which is resistant to heat & cold. It is best suited to prevent the rusting of automotive bonnets, trunk hoods, trunk rooms inside doors, areas surrounding lamps or cut-off sections. The painted films come in three colors: colorless, silver and black.